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I have always had a passion for all things constructive. As a child, I dreamt of the day when using my hands as tools could afford me the freedom to build and create. From designing and constructing a full size skateboard ramp, in my parents back yard, at the age of 12, to remodeling countless kitchens and baths for clients with tile and stone.  My attention to project detail has always been a priority.   I have acquired years of construction and materials knowledge from hands on experience. Graduating from high school in 1992, I began learning the trade of tile and stone.  By 1998, I had the skills and confidence to start Osborne Design and began the journey of self-employment.  After years of success in the Tile Industry, my intrigue with construction materials landed me at the Training Studio of Buddy Rhodes (The Godfather of Concrete) in San Francisco, CA. That experience sparked something deep within me, a new found love for an age old product, Concrete. Today I design and build for those wanting hand-crafted, one of a kind objects, and I am always up for a new and exciting challenges.
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